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Best class 10 car make??


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Didn't Doug Fortin Jr. win Parker in a 20 year old car? So it's not what, but who, maybe? It's already been stated, there are lots of good products out there. Find something you like, and learn to drive it.
ES Motorsports builds an awesome 10 car. We are on our 2nd car from them and have no complaints! Eric is super easy to work with and stands behind his cars.



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That looks like RATR 2018?
Alumi Craft swept the podium. Read the news article on the bottom half of the RDC Home page.
Alumi Craft Racers Sweep Rage At The River Class 10 Podium - race-deZert.com

The Alumi Craft's have been awesome as of late.
Lots of great cars out there from all makers. I got mad props for RACECO too. JimCOs are killers.
Setup, Prep, and driver are the bigger factors in my opinion.