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Best class 10 car make??

How does this car differ from their old 10 car? Is it noticeably better or still working on the set up?
Its kinda hard to compare the our old and new car because they are pretty much 2 different cars in terms of parts, but they do have their similarities and differences. Our old car was a rear engine and the new one is a mid engine with more wheel travel in the rear and different pivot points. Driving them back to back there is a big difference in the handling of the new car that has improved. Cornering is better and the rear end is more stable in my opinion. Both are great cars, but we believe the new one will be a contender for wins at every race. We're very happy with how the new car works and looks!
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there are very nice car nowdays. the alpha cars look great, I don't have any pictures but harley young car is awesome looking. raceco cars are my favorites.
nd wheeler and harley both have overalls i belive .


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Im gonna vouch for ES Motorsports as well we have one of their older class 10 mid engines and a 3 seat class 1 from Eric and dealing with Eric is easy. He always answers his phone whenever questions arise. Their builds and attention to detail are by far the best in my opinion. Our mid engine ES 10 has eaten up plenty of alumicrafts when it comes to the rough stuff. ES cars love the big rough. MRusich I would always take an invite to get behind the wheel of the new mid engines to see how they compare...just saying.