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Best Desert Racing Video Game


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You know what game is fun, GTA Online! With the content creator yo can make really long off-road races! Some trails are hard! Harder than what you find even on Dirt 2.
Here, I have a lot of tracks: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/mexgamer3/jobs
I recommend the Rally San Andreas series! I made 9 stages, and it should take you like 1 1/2 hours to complete. GTA has a trophy truck, a Raid truck, I think it now even has a UTV! Dirt bikes, a baja bug, and other off-road cars. It's fun!


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Dirt 5 has just been announced for the fall. Not much indication on what features it will have; it looks... flashy. I hope they still have some good truck racing, and given that they show off some buggies, maybe they will.

Also, it's not "racing," but Snowrunner, the brand-new sequel to Mudrunner, is off-road heaven. Absolutely sublime.


The Dakar game has its flaws, but it is hard and realistic! Sometimes you will find yourself repeating a 1-hour long stage because you completely screwed up, and you don't even know until the end. For example, there are stages with dozens of Speed Zones, and there's no limiter! You won't even know you have like an hour of penalties until the end. Kind of frustrating at first, but realistic (as much as it can be).
Navigating can be hard, the navigator doesn't always gets it right, you have to look at the road-book and drive at the same time. Sometimes the navigator doesn't tell you are lost until a few miles later, backtracking to the point where you got lost isn't easy. It's a good challenge!
The first time doing the rally was the purest. I was constantly getting lost and having to stop and re calibrate. Got dead last, hours behind.

The second time my navigation skills were much better but a lot of it was by memory. I even found some short cuts where the VPC's don't exist.


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Just a trick on the Dakar game take the time penalty and let one of the other vehicles pass you then follow them to navigate


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Wish I could say it was "Baja Big Air" but NO. Edge of control really needs a part 2 with updated cars, it is still my go to game for sure!