Best driveline configuration for max travel?


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I'm currently running 1350 u-joints with a c4 and slip yoke on my truck and while I'm upgrading to a reid case th400 trans (for future 750HP motor) I want to get my driveline setup right. I had to strap my current setup (3-link) at about 25" (give or take) due to u-joint limitations and I'm just wondering what all the big boys are running to get 30" plus travel? Possibly just moving up to a 1410 u-joint (i've read 37deg possible vs 20deg for a 1350?) With a 2 piece drive shaft. Or carrier bearing with 2 piece drive shaft... I have seen this setup but wasn't sure if it was the best option out there. What about double cardan? Not sure if they are meant for hi rpm hi hp applications. This for a race truck application and I'm currently rev limited at 7500rpm with 750HP coming.
I tried searching on here but wasn't able to find the answers I was looking for.
Thanks in advance!

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