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Best ENCLOSED trailer for off-road ?

Looking for a new enclosed trailer for Penhall 4 seat pre-runner .
20' box ,7' door height and 7'6" door width . Drive over fenders . 8-10k loaded .
Custom or stock factory ? Whos building the nice heavy duty enclosed trailers ?
Thanks for thoughts


Nimrod de Ashcraft
I saw a beautiful Mighty Mover stacker behind a RV yesterday. Ive used there flat beds and they are top of the line trailers!

Robin Hood

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When I was in the market for an enclosed trailer it came down to TPD and Progressive. They are different but both build quality trailers. You won't go wrong with either one.


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CNC Trailers out of Orange County, Chad was part of the Santek folks, builds a work of art custom trailer.


Rescue Director

De Minimis

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X4 (what is this, "4"?) TPD trailers. Just about bombproof. Mine's a '02 and still going strong.



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I got an exiss all aluminum trailer and love it. 28' box.

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Tons and tons of stackers on the used market. I paid 55k new for mine, 100% aluminum including aluminum frame. Triple axles, Lift inside, cabinets, etc.

Only got 30k when I sold it. Dealers have a hard time moving used ones apparently.


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Dunarri LLC
Thanks for advise everyone .
Stopped by CNC trailers and spoke to Chad and had a look at some of their work .
Great looking well built trailers . Local for me which helps .
Ordering a custom 20' V nose trailer with some basic options , will bring back in a year or so for some upgrades ( additional cabinets and awning etc ) .