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Best Ever?


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I know many have opinions as to the best TT and Class 1 ever raced but can anyone tell me what TT and Class 1 is the winningest ever? Not driver.......vehicle. I think "Arnold" has won more Baja 1000's than any one TT ever, but what about shear number of races won? Does anyone keep track of this kind of thing in dezert racing?

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What about most overall victories?? I would guess Troy Herbst with most wins on the truggy. The old Ultra Wheels/Herbst/PCI truck had a good number of wins also.. Those are both recent though.. Someone has to know.. Rod Hall as a driver probably has the most wins.. Just a guess though.


Larry Roseler = 10 overall wins @ the B1K! Very impressive. Many other wins in SCORE and BITD. I know he's a bike guy but that accomplishment is worth mentioning.



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I believe Rod Hall has the most victories of any driver ever.
As far as TT's go, . If you count the number of wins it had in class 8, and then the number of wins it had when it raced trophy truck, my final answer would be the old duralast f-150 with the 96 body style. As far as class 1 goes, I would either say the land shark or how about bob gordons old beam car class 1. He had time in it as well as robby, and the arcieros. that thing had a good number of w's and a lot of great drivers have sat in it. The trophy truck that has ran the most race miles since the class inception hands down would have to be one of the baldwins trucks though. those babys have been around for a long time and are still very competitive.

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Ivan's/PPI Toyota truck won a few races too, not the most i'm sure.
In class 1 can't forget the Mcmillin cars, they've won a few baja races. Veneble Racing f-150 that Robby drove won some races too. as far as which vehicle won the most that's a good question!!


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Class 1 Herbst of course recently, But yeah McMillin's old car that won the 2001 Baja 500 has some wins, Bob Gordon's old 2 seat Chenowth. TT-- Ivan's truck has wins. Jimmy Smith Ultra Wheels/Herbst old/Steinbergers New Truck Ford... The Riviera/Robby Gordon truck, That thing dominated 1996 with wins at Parker,SanFelipe,Primm, & the Fireworks 250.. I'm sure Walker Evans Dodge's has wins, Ragland's Arnold, and if you combine Duralast's old truck with Class 4,8, & TT wins, have quite a bit as well.....


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It sure would be neat if there was a place to view or access info such as we are discussing. No real source for the history of our sport, I guess. I know the info related to the drivers achievements would be easier to obtain but no single source for that info either. I would hate to see the history of our great sport fade away as the memories of old timers pass on.

Who built the Simon & Simon "96" F-150 style TT that was so successful?

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What about Leduc's Cherokee? He had one or two really good seasons in it and then faded into obscurity (CORR).

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Junior and Mustafa-

Both Simon and LeDuc Trucks were designed and built by Russ Wernimont. Russ also built the Jim Smith/Herbst/Steinberger TT.

And you're right, there doesn't appear to be any one single source for our sport's rich heritage. There really needs to be.

I hope hope some of the veterans of our sport are considering writing books with some of the info we all crave.

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i would have to believe rod halls old yellow dodge class 4 had more than a few wins. and lets not forget manny esquerras motorcraft ranger.
what about the class 7 4x4 of paul and dave simon? mike swellingers class 3 jeep or john swifts explorer....


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If this list includes Class 8's like someone said earlier, I'd have to say the Venable racing Ford of Robby Gordon and Rob MacCachren in class 8 then TT. Larry Raglands "Butch" truck (now owned by the Penchansky brothers) has to be up there close also. If it's just TT's, I would have to say Ivan Stewarts Toyota.

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for overalls and wins in class, not driver but vehicle? how about the Tracy's Party Ice Funco? most of you probably don't even know what I am refering too, but that car won a lot of races, desert, riverside, and had lots of who's who drivers.


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