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Best floor Jack tired of Harbor Frieght


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Reading through this thread . Makes me wonder if anyone knows the root cause of failure to all the aluminum jacks listed? I know harbor freight are pretty much junk although they have gotten a lot better over the years, I have had craftsmen jacks over the years on a 7 truck, lost, stolen, and broke, but when using during a race I was always told to cycle jack up and down a couple times before trying to pick up the truck with it, due to the pounding of the truck air gets mixed with the oil, the first time I went to change a tire.. The jack didn't work, then I stepped back cycled it a couple times.. And then it was fine.. I've gone on to talk to friends with a few jacks lying around there shop? More often then not they tell me I don't know why? But it works fine in the shop but for some reason won't work when we use it on the race car ? Just a thought

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Harbor freight have crap hardware, if you intend to use one replace it all with regular hex head type. I stripped out a few button head allens just trying to take one apart, a few of the bolts weren't even tight enough as well.

Brunnhoelzl have their problems as well, crappy U-joint with a rivet for a cross pin, pump piston seal leaking after a few races and minor use.


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Supeduty headquarters sells some. Not sure if they make the ones in the rdc store, but they look identical.




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It cost money to be cheap

I bought my Brunnhoelzel back in 2000 for $1100 I rebuilt it once for $180 part comes direct from mfg. I have$1300 invested and never a failure for the past 15 years that breaks down to $86 a year without any jack aggravation or failure.

But don’t listen to me if you are my competitor I want you to by the other jack

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I bought 2 jacks from Cosco and have had very good luck with them, good enough to lift my F-350 no problem. Paid 100 bucks ea, take a look


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I have bought two Craftsman Jacks within the last 10 years both have failed. So my next two went with Harbor Freight, and have not had one problem. Like someone else mentioned if your going to use on a pre-runner or race care replace the stock Allen bolts, with hex head.


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I got this long frame jack from harbor freight long time ago they don't sell it anymore but it great lifts really high has the foot pump I had to fix a few things on it over the years but I got my money's worth. I can put it on the skid plate bar on my ford and droop it all the way out.

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Just want to hear an opinion from you guys. I want to buy this 3 ton Low Profile Steel Heavy Duty Floor Jack with Rapid Pump® this floor jack from HF. What do you think about this service jack? Or I should go for other brands or other models?
Those are pretty much like the Craftsman entry level jacks. If I were going with an HF they've got a Snap On copy that looks pretty good. It's not a quick pump but it's more robust than the standard 3 ton. Of course it's twice as much too.

3 Ton Daytona Professional Steel Floor Jack - Super Duty


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Sears always has sales much like HF. You can get them for about the same price. The point is they are pretty similar equipment. There is a sale at HF this weekend with that jack about $75 with coupon on the site.


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Lincoln brand expensive as hell but worth it, I have 6 of them in my shop from 2 ton up to a 10 ton the newest is 33 years old, I think you can still buy them through NAPA parts stores.


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Lincoln sold out to Hein-Werner a while back. I was looking at the NAPA jack a couple years back and it was a Hein-Werner. Very stout and you can get rebuild/replacement parts. (you can still get parts for the old Lincoln jacks as well) It's commercial grade, you get also get them at Northern Tool.