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Hi all,

Looking to buy floor jack to get some work done on my Ford F150. Can't decide on which one I should buy. Any suggestions?


Hi all,

Looking to buy floor jack to get some work done on my Ford F150. Can't decide on which one I should buy. Any suggestions?
Yes, buy a PRO-Eagle Jack.

These are awesome and I have sold HUNDREDS of them. They are ideal for off roaders. I love these things.

Here's what your getting.

This is a little more than a regular old 2 ton jack. All the hardware is aircraft grade and ny-locked or thread locked already so it wont rattle apart. The seals are upgraded also and it gives you just a bit over 17 inches of lift AND it also comes with "spin on" adjustable extension that gives you anywhere between 5 and 8 inches of extra lift. When not in use, the extension sits in a cradle that's included with the jack. (Theres an 8-13 inch upgrade extension if you need more lift)

Adding a skid plate and or an extension to a floor jack is not a new concept. Off Road Racers have been
doing this for years. The problem has been for the average user, these are expensive modifications to
make and permanently change the jack by either eliminating the wheels or by welding an extension
in place. These modifications are not only expensive, in addition to the cost of the jack itself, they also
make the jack difficult to use in the garage because of the lack of wheels or it being too tall to fit under
your wife’s car. Pro Eagle kept the customer’s everyday needs in mind by designing the skid plate
around the wheels and by making the extension removable. This is a product that is just as useful in the
garage as it is on the trail.

And it has a two year no BS warranty.





We sell these for $250.00. They are absolutely legit.

Ultimate Off-Road Jack

If you have any questions please feel free to message me directly here on RDC or you can email me at

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If you are simply using it for shop work in the garage or driveway, you can get any reputable floor jack you can afford. But I would look for one with a good warranty and easy access for service, repair or replacement. I would strongly consider and in fact I have purchased a floor jack from Costco and have not had any problems with it and it works great in the garage and driveway.

For off road use and abuse I will probably buy the one Dan is recommending, many guys here have had good luck with them. If the extra $100 is too much right now save another month or two as it is better to buy a quality product that will get the job done when you need it than to save money and be left wanting...

My 2 cents...