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Best Open Wheel Class 1


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O.K. Class 1 what do you think is the best open wheel class one. Herbst Truggy is up there for sure, but I have to say, that Ugly redheaded step child McMillin car that overalled the 500 has always been there within Top 5 in the Class. Plus Bob Gordon's old two seat Chenowth is good.


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The most proven would be the Herbst truggy. The most ahead of its time would be the Mickey T car. The best looking, and probably the one that works the best in the rough, would be Herder's geiser special. My personal favorite is the ex damen jeffries, McMillin car. And finally the one that puts on the best show would be the Sourapas car, but that would probably be the driver that puts on the best show. Which catagory did you mean? There was too many cars to choose from.


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Truggy.....class 1? How about true class 1's? In my book Truggy's are trophy trucks with different bodies.


Krittro Campbell
I have to agree with John on that one.


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Thats true basically Herbst and Herder truggy's are TT's but they are Open Wheeled cars, but then again thats why they are the best because they are.

John Bitting

I thought for a long time that it was not fair that the truggy was in class one. But then you realize that they just stepped up, they took the rule and did just that. Took a TT and took the body off. But with Weyrich, McMillin, Dondel and other guys that can run with the truggy, and Porter and Jimco building bigger cars to run 35's front and back. It is a matter of time before the playing field is completely leveled out and then someone will push it just a little more and be on top, Its hard to beat Herbst money but they do a lot for the sport and put on a bitchin show..


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Thats very true. Herbst did in fact opened the envelope, read what was inside and returned it with the Truggy in Class 1. I always thought years ago that Class 1's, the motors had to be in the rear, until the truggy's came out, then I read the rulebook, and it states Open Wheel Unlimited....Anything Goes, So there ya go !!!!