Best Race to pre run then watch


looking to come out west and maybe pre-run a race course 2021 season and then watch the race. wondering what if any races are available for pre-run wanted to do Vegas to Reno but looks like rerunning that may or may not happen for next year dont know the rules on that


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There is not much in the way of pre-running in the state side races. I think the most fun race to pre-run and spectate is the Baja 500. The course almost always goes down the coast and the spectating along there is great. And it is fun to pre-run and camp out along there too. Mike's Sky Ranch is another great area to pre-run. The night life in Ensenada is pretty fun, and can get pretty wild if you are into that. Most of the race course is within a couple hour drive from Ensenada. So going out and pre-running a section and coming back to town in the same day is possible. It is also to possible to spectate at more than one spot depending on how the course is routed.

ht racing

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you can do the parker 425 pre run but you will have to have a deposit to race the event on file same with silverstate race.


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If you are not a racer you can pre run any course up
to the day of the race. They are held mostly on open lands.

it’s only the guys that race and pay the big bucks that go towards the BLM that can’t use the open lands. Pretty ironic haha.

If I was a spectator I would go to a lap race. Parker 425 is a great race to watch as well as Laughlin. This years Bluewater challenge in Parker would be super fun to spectate. It’s a 20’ish mile loop so lots of action and you can pre run it. Let me know if you do and I may ride along in a Bryce Menzies Mask and costume. LOL


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You can't really do both in a single week for just about any major stateside race. You could for a MORE race though.

Regardless, you can run the Mint course any time you want 11 months out of the year also without issue. But you can't "pre run" these less than a week to ten days out from the event as they are closed courses. You'd have to do two trips.


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Addressing above comment: "you can pre run any course up to the day of the race. They are held mostly on open lands."

You can only prerun courses that are ON open lands as anything private or with restricted access regardless of it being public, is not to be accessed without permission at anytime. Please don't go to Baja, tribal land or anywhere else and run on private or restricted land and use it without being granted access... Also be mindful of permits or agreements that may limit access possibly the day(S) before an event.

In other words use common sense and play by the guidelines
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Best race to pre-run is the 1K. Best race to watch was Laughlin.
I know there are a lot of other dynamics involved from a promoter's POV but the potential to make Laughlin the perfect spectator friendly venue was always under done IMO. As cool as it was for some races, the potential there for a bad ass spectator set up that could be even cooler has never really fully even been realized IMO.


I personally as a spectator enjoy races in Baja Mexico (Code, Record, SCORE, NORRA) due to greater freedoms and liberties. There are simply less restrictions on where to stand, park, what to drink and and what locations and time window. However that comes at the price of less safety.

Races in Nevada, California, Arizona you can expect a greater level of safety for when things go wrong. Medical aid is more effective, personal security/safety is generally a notch higher and property loss due to thieves generally is perceived more safe as well.

I value both however a bit of uncertainty of outcome and being in uncomfortable unfamiliar places drives me back to Baja more often.

Luckily we have both flavors to choose from and all levels in between as well.

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put in a deposit and enter a race like parker you don't have to race it. do the pre run the official one! then come back and watch the race or volunteer to help out on the course. that's really the only way to do it without pissing off anyone. or go ride around parker and not really know where your going unless you have a download of the course.


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Baja. Period. So much different to see and do while prerunning. But since that maybe out of your wheelhouse, any MORE race is an easy couple day do with prerunning the day or week before and the race on Saturday. And logistics are easy since there are easy rental places to stay near any of the courses.

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Caliente looks amazing judging by those photos. In all my years of following offroad racing this has slipped by me for too long. Hmmm...?
Screenshot 2020-08-12 at 11.54.10 AM (1).png

It is such a beautiful area, we did a few thousand dirt miles up there this spring! so much to see, many mountain tops, mines, ghost towns, fishing holes, I wish we could do two races a year up there.