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Best sequential EFI system currently out


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Converting from carb to MPFI for my 374 ci sbf desert race truck (500+ hp) and wondering if anyone has had race experience with any of the well known names out there. Wanting a complete system and so far have been looking at the FAST xfi 2.0, Holley dominator/HP efi and Edelbrock pro flo 4 but I don't know if any of these will hold up to the abuse of offroad racing. I'm sure there are some others out there as well more popular in offroading? Looked a little at pro-efi and haltech too but would really prefer a complete solution if I can find one.
Budget isn't unlimited but am willing to spend up to 5k for a complete swap.
Also curious about ease of use, tuning etc.


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sell SBF and get an LS.

But i personally would go with the FAST setup. I've installed a few holley setups and both had strange intermittent issues where the fast kits i've installed went together without an issue for years now.


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Thanks for the input (minus the LS recommendation.lol). So no issues with vibration or anything on the FAST xfi? Good tech support? How do the software packages compare?
Also, what do you think about the FAST intake? May run a super victor (have ran one before and they make gobs of power on my motor), but that FAST intake *looks* like it may be pretty decent too.
Don't see any reason why a Delphi pcm and sensors couldn't be adapted from a ls engine to run on your Ford. Not sure if it's been done but finding a tuner should be easier.
the aftermarket EFI systems out there today have come a long way in capability.

you absolutely could adapt a stock (deplhi) controller......and in my opinion would be the WORST way to go. any time you use a factory controller....there are tons of hurdles and issue that pop up from the lack of true real time tuning and proper software interfaces, no logging etc. The money you save on the less expensive OE type systems will cost you big time in sorting out all the bugs and countless hours trying to make it run right, ESPECIALLY with a single application like yours. on the class ten and 6100 stuff the players have sorted out many of the issues simply from having done so many and then just have to flash the next system with whatever their current tune is.

with all that said.....Motec is the way to go. you can get an M84 retail for about $1800 for the box. everyone here has heard of the quality and reliability of Motec in the off road world and it cant be denied.

the bigger issue isn't what "brand" of computer you put into it. the real issue that makes these things reliable and run properly as ALL about the installation. A high quality wire harness is CRITICAL. Sure, there are el-cheapo garbage harnesses that many systems provide.....and they will work for a little while....until you get some miles on it and dirt works its way into the connections and all sorts of electrical gremlins start popping up....that people always erroneously blame the ECU manufacturer for.

another factor is correctly picking all the peripheral stuff and the mechanical setup. For example, people put huge injectors on their project and don't understand why it wont idle correctly and blame the ECU. Or they cheap out and try and use distributor based triggering instead of a proper crank trigger setup and wonder why it doesn't work correctly. I could go on and on with how important correct component selection is......but there is always some internet expert who will come on and tell the world how great his low budget mega squirt system works and how you don't "need all that overpriced stuff". it's like the BS "self tuning" systems....their aint no such thing.

So if you want to spend the money and really have it work correctly.....for your old carb motor you need:

port injected manifold
8 ignition coils
crank trigger
use your old distributor for cam sync
throttle body with air temp, throttle position and idle valve
coolant, MAP, fuel pressure and oil pressure sensors
fuel pump and depending on what fuel tank you are using possibly a feeder with VST tank and pressure regulator
8 injectors
wire harness

when you really start looking, it gets involved very quickly but this is what it takes to have a system that works like a new modern car.

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Don't see any reason why a Delphi pcm and sensors couldn't be adapted from a ls engine to run on your Ford. Not sure if it's been done but finding a tuner should be easier.
Do not do this.
I know you said you are going the Motec route and I hope it works well for you. I'm just throwing this out there as you asked if anyone had experience with the Holley HP EFI.

I've run a few different Holley EFI systems on my F150 over the years. The motor is a 408w that makes +/- 500hp to the crank on a pretty stingy engine dyno. The early Holley EFI stuff was crap and not always reliable but it's progressed a lot since the early days. I think a lot of people still turn their nose up at the Holley EFI stuff because of how bad some of their earlier kits were.

So after having a few issues with the really early Holley EFI system I upgraded to their Commander 950 TBI. That was many years ago. I went with the TBI at that time because if the EFI system took a total dump in Baja I could very easily slap on the spare 750cfm carburetor that I traveled with. A couple years ago I replaced the Commander 950 system with the Holley Terminator TBI system. I still didn't fully trust EFI for Baja so I stuck with the TBI system again. I immediately updated the Terminator software in the ECU to the HP version and that upgrade allows full laptop control and makes the baseline setup super easy. I like the Holley system because it's simple to interface with and the Holley system doesn't need any fancy (expensive) proprietary cables or convertor boxes. It uses a regular size USB to Mini USB cable. The same one a lot of old mobile phones use. The Holley software is free, software updates are free and it all runs easily on a very compact touch screen Windows based laptop that I bought at Walmart for under $100 bucks. The Holley software is mainstream enough that lots of tuners are familiar with it and a big reason for that is because it's free.

I don't want to jinx myself but it's been super reliable with ZERO downtime. Turn the fuel pump on, push the start button and the engine fires up each and every time. Back in 2017 I raced the NORRA 1000 in my prerunner and drove from my home in SoCal down to Ensenada, raced to Cabo and then drove right back home. 2400 miles in 2 weeks and it ran perfect on every type of gas I fed it. I recently took the truck down to Westech and put the truck on their chassis dyno and had them go over all the ECU settings and maps because I never really did any tuning or tweaking to the fuel or timing maps. The Holley system had "learned" enough through driving that after 2 hours of trying the Westech tech couldn't eek out any more power than I had showed up with.

And it's relatively inexpensive. I paid $1900 (brand new) for the complete system: ECU / TBI / Wiring Harness.