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Best taco stands in Baja

Bdub 1020

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The V of T farthest down from Pemex is a do not miss. Have them do a small flour with some melted goat cheese , beef. Add some cabbage , pico and a spoon of the HOT and nothing better with cold Sol in the bottle.


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Tacos Mis Tios in Tecate serves great tacos. From carne asada to adobada plus many other "specialty" tacos, burritos, queso tacos, etc. They have burritos so big they are called burros Mmmm! Muy sabroso!


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Valle T queso/asada, the original fish taco stand by the old bull ring & the place on the corner where you turn toward Estero Beach Resort


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El Chopipo in Ensenada. 1 block east from the McDonalds that's on Hwy1 south side of town.
Never seen another gringo there.
Shoot, not south like by the Home Depot, farther north than that, the 1st McD ETown ever had.
Damn, that's sad, too many McDonalds...

And off subject but sorta on topic... If you find yourself in Vicente Guerrero (directly in from rm181.5) the Posada Don Diego has great food. Not easy to find, a few blocks west of the Silza Gas on the little hill. Huge area for trucks and trailers. WiFi. They do an awesome Sunday brunch buffet (coming from one who hates buffets)

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El Mamito USMC

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El Trailero in Ensenada, tacos El general in San Felipe.

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Was gonna also mention both of those, a couple of my favorites. We never miss our stop at El Trailero on our way into town. Also the Taco Factory in San Felipe is great. It's more of a sit down place but they have amazing tacos, shrimp cocktails, and margaritas.

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Bomberos for Baja

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In TJ if you like em mas grande! Calle Benito Juárez 2da 7352, Zona Centro, 22000 Tijuana


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This posts brings up my favorite laugh. Looking at gringos chomp down at places they would NEVER eat at back home...
I suggested grabbing tacos in San Diego and Houston with racer friends. They wanted no part of street tacos or real taco shops. Im not lying we ate at Chipotle in Houston...