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Best trailers for off-road vehicles


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its price starts with electric brake only on the front axle however you can upgrade it to both brakes as well as many other options, if I where buying any spring trailer I would definitely always carry spare leafs and a pair of shackles.
Drive over fenders do keep center of gravity lower and they're always more comfy to pull however it is not a must and there's always the option to go with a deck over trailer.

I like the looks of that trailer! If I am ever in the market, I will keep you in mind.


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I have a big Tex 20' deck over. Toes perfect at any speed. Tons of ground clearance. I actually had to tow the race truck back from Vegas to Denver with my raptor. No problems at all. Usually pull it behind a super duty.

The issue is it's deck height is so high, and way too heavy for what I need. It's rated at 14k.


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Dunarri LLC


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If you guys are ever looking for trailer parts or spare parts for a Baja trip, I was in a Tractor Supply Store a couple weeks ago in Yucca Valley and I couldn't believe how many parts they had for trailers complete axles, hubs, parts, springs, specialty hardware,etc.

Valley Trailer

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We just picked up a brand new Diamond C steel deck 10K "102" prerunner trailer" from Valley Trailer in Imperial and couldn't be happier! American made, full frame, mid deck, Dexter axles w/dual brakes and very well built, tows great and nicer than the PJ we just sold...

James from VT is also working on a "racer trailer" from Diamond C and will have some well regarded industry guys involved with it. If you're looking, he is worth a call IMO! He delivered ours to Indio, great quality, price and service 760 791-6753

Thanks for the good words ACME. Here's the new Trophy Truck Trailer
2017 Diamond C Trophy Truck Trailer---$6795.00
20' x 95"(Free Space), (2) 7000 lb 8 Lug Dexter E-Z Lube Axles,
Brakes on Both Axles, New ST235/80R16 E Rated Radial Tires, 12K Drop-Leg Jack, All LED Lights, Epoxy Primer w/ PPG Finish,
(2) Front Mounted Spare Tires, Adjustable Coupler, 3/16" Diamond Plate Steel Floor, Flush Mount 360 Degree D-rings, Drive-Over Fenders, Lockable Storage Box, 3 year warranty. These trailers can be built to your specifications if you need tire racks, extra storage, 14 Ply Tires, TORFLEX Axles, or more free space.
Financing available. We have many sizes of utility trailers and car haulers available. Delivery Available

Valley Trailer Sales
451 W Aten Rd
Imperial, CA 92251


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I FINALLY went down and registered my trailer at DMV yesterday and everything went very smooth. All the paperwork that Yiro Trailers gave to me for registration went just as smooth as it would if I had bought something in the USA. Registering in Arizona has gotten to be a little more difficult the last couple years as they have been tightening up the belt (so to speak) but it still went smoothly. Also, I got a smaller motorcycle style license plate for the rear so i don't tear it up as it drags on the ground.....All you have to do is ask for it and they will give you one....who knew?!?! Thanks for that little nugget @Jeff Furrier.


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Mine is 8" wider than my track out side of tire to outside of tire. Came out 85" for deck over. Much better than the typical 109.


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Rory and Jeff,

What is the total width on your narrower than standard trailers?
96" wide total, 93" wide between the side railing. So far I've been super happy with my purchase.


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Thanks for the info guys.

The narrowest I could go inside the railing would be 96", which would put me at 99" total width.

Just and idea, but would it be possible to build a 99" wide deck but have the axles narrower, say 93" that way I'm not hanging tires off the road in mexico? ........ and still have it drive over fenders to keep the weight lower?

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Ordering my Yiro today......


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what spring setup comes on the Yiro trailers, slipper or eye to eye? and I also was thinking about a walking axle type of setup?
Which setup do most trailers have and which ones seem to work best for offroad use?


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We have trailers unlimited... tows amazing, heavy duty.. great trailer.

If we did not get such a good deal on it. We would have went with YIRO.. very nice guys and helpful.


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I have a transport business and use a 100" wide X 24' deck over triple axle flatbed. It's an older trailer (1985 I think) and heavy AF. It had mobile home style axles and I had New Trend Custom Trailers in Fontana, CA swap them out for three 5200lb axles, all with brakes. I wanted to be able to tow one of our chase trucks on it if necessary. I've put over 30k miles on it and it's been a really good flatbed for my needs.

One of my drivers had New Trend build him a custom 'mid-deck' trailer and it has been flawless for the last 5k miles. He did pick up a sand rail with a broken trans and we had to push it off at my shop. That's when he regretted going mid-deck and not full deck over. Still a great trailer, he was just dead set on keeping the deck a little lower then my trailer.





New Trend will work with yo to build exactly what you want. Small family owned business. I've also had them work on numerous clients and friends enclosed trailer for repairs and maintenance, converting stackers to belly lifts, etc. They will be building my next flatbed.



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28' tri-axle by General Truck Body for Sam Berri.. 100" inside width and door opening..flat floor no wheel wells

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Opinions on play craft trailers?
I looked at one real quick, seems like a nice trailer.