Best wishes to Rick Harrah, Locations Racing #8006

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For those of you who don’t know Rick Harrah from Locations Racing #8006 , Rick suffered a broken back this weekend at the start of the HDRA Fireworks 500 and about mile 20ish. Rick and Brian were the second truck off the line starting just behind Kyle & John. While out on the course on the first of 3 clover leaf loops the four friends were having a great time teasing each back and forth on the radio as everyone assumed it was only a matter of time before Rick took Kyle to school out there. This was Kyle’s first start in a Heavy Metal truck and he had gotten the fastest qualifying time for the combined class in heavy metal and class 8 trucks which gave him a front row start out in front of Rick in the #8006 truck. Kyle & John had gotten off course somewhere about mile 13ish and Rick passed them in the dust somewhere about that time, Im am not sure if they knew that or not as I had just talked with Brian and he said Kyle was a few hundred yards out in front of them. When the trucks came around the mountain into view from the pits, Rick and Brian were in the lead and Kyle and John were nowhere to be seen, had Kyle not gotten off course it very well may have been Kyle and John that hit the dip that put Rick in the hospital. It was estimated Rick was doing about 90 MPH when he came up on the roller leaving the top of it and slamming into the far side of it.

Kyle and John after leading the race on lap 1 later fell out of the race due to a broken axle at the beginning of lap 3. Evan Vaughan took over as the driver for Locations Racing after Rick was safely on his way to the hospital. It was a difficult race, Brian Busby was co-dawg on lap 1 when they had the accident and then gave the seat up to Phillip Mullins for laps 2, 3 & 4. Locations Racing put Kyle in to co-dawg with Evan for lap #5 and they brought the #8006 Locations Racing truck in for a 1st place finish in class.

Our hearts and thoughts go out the Harrah family from all of us here at SMT Racing, we consider the Harrah family not only friends, but part of our family and we feel their pain in this difficult time…

Best wishes Rick and get well soon!



The Harrah Family is in my thoughts & prayers. Get well soon Rick!!!

Congratulations to the whole Locations Racing team for an awesome race and a 1st place finish.


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first off, great job to everybody with Locations Racing. Second we are thinking and praying for Ricks recovery. get well soon and get home soon too.


It was a hard hit. All I have to say. 90 to zero in 2 seconds hurts. Rick was instantly asking for help. I called it out to pits and HDRA. Thanks to paramedics and HDRA staff for getting on scene quickly.
Thanks to Phillip Mullins for getting in and letting me get out so soon. Thanks to Evan Vaughn for his awesome driving skills bringing the truck home for a win. Thanks to the team for keeping it going and kicking butt in the pits.
Rick is in Reno still and stable, out of ICU. Just trying to figure out how to get him home to Vegas.
Thanks for all of the texts, calls and PM's.


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I don't know Rick, but I am praying for a quick recovery for him. This hit too close to home for me. I am still recovering and learning how to walk again from when I broke my back last year in the VORRA 24 hour race.

Busby, Will he require surgery or will he be okay with just a turtle shell brace? Is he in Renown? Would it be okay to stop by and wish him well? If that is okay, please PM or text me with what room he is in. Also, I live here locally in the Reno area and if Rick or his team needs anything please let me know (my cell number is listed below)

Matt Myres 775-722-5360


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Get well soon Rick!! Locations Racing is a great bunch of people and Fire Guys Racing is sending good thoughts and prayers your way.


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Get well soon Rick!! Locations Racing is a great bunch of people and Fire Guys Racing is sending good thoughts and prayers your way.
Rick is doing well he was fitted for his shell today and will not require surgery. I want to Thank everyone that has been calling, texting me for updates on Ricks condition and will keep everyone updated as time goes on. We are hoping that we will be able to get him home within the next few days so that he can start the recovery process.

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Get well soon Rick all of the Locations team are great people

wishing the best for you had to help with his recovery knowing that the team brought it home for the win when it would have been so easy to just throw in the towel

good job guys


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Rick and Danny have always been kind to our team when racing at SNORE events. It was sad to see you guys go with HDRA this year! We wish you a speedy recovery and hope this doesn't dampen your racing endeavers for long!! God Speed Brothers!! Thanks again for all the past support too!!!


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Factory Transmissions Racing wishes Rick a speedy recovery and prayers I would also like to thank the Locations crew for everything they did for us. The whole team is a class act ! Thanx guys


Hoping to get Rick a flight booked home today.

Thanks for everything everyone. We'll keep you posted.