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Beware of "Kenwood 110 watt Radios" in Classifieds


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I had a friend send me a link to a few "Kenwood Radios 110 watts with remote head" ads on the Classifieds. It's pretty deceiving because they even have PCI decals on them, but they are not PCI Radios. We may be able to program them, but we cannot service or support them as parts have been discontinued over a decade ago.

When shopping on the classifieds for a 110 watt Kenwood, be sure it is a TK-790H. If they don't list TK-790H - it probably is not and you probably don't want it. You can also tell by the mic jack - the "telephone" style plug is no bueno. Those are TK-730 radios and have been discontinued FOREVER. So long ago that PCI never even sold them. We can't get molex's for external speakers, power cables or hand mics any longer. You may be able to source them online as used, but you're much better off looking for online deals with the TK-790H. (And always make sure it's the H. H = high power) A TK-790 without the H is just a remote head 50 watt radio.

Some people have them and if everything is included and in perfect working order you are fine until you have a problem, but it's always better to have something that can be serviced. They're no deal at $400.

Of course we would much rather have you buy new, warrantied Kenwood's directly from PCI, :p but if you're going to go used, get stuff we can help you with.


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Good to know.