BFG Blazers, Scoop, Bob, and Parnelli's guts


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I have been cramming as many vintage desert racing video's into my head as I can lately. One common theme I have seen, aside from film being sped up, is what seems to be the lack of suspension in the BFG Blazers. Watching these icons go through the bumps amazes me, anyone know what they had for travel? It seems to be 6" tops on the front ends, and not much more on the rear.

I think I give myself a pretty good beating at NORRA in my old 71 F100 Beer Hauler, but not like these guys. I think I need to tighten up my kidney belt and hit stuff faster, but I don't want to break my truck and miss the party.

Cant wait for NORRA 2019. Both of them.



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The BFG Blazer
I guess I answered my own question. 10" and 11", front and rear.
This Blazer is so amazing, wish it would come back to NORRA. Cam? one more time...


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Great link Taylor and amazing to see what can be done to bring history to life and back to the dirt of Baja.
Looking forward to watching you run again this spring.

jon coleman

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33s?, and i bet that blazer is more truck than most of us keyboard macacren's could evan come close to handling....