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Big Air After May Meeting


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Check out these pics from after the May meeting in Riverside:
Here's Scott Spindola...

Here's David Ownen...

And here's ? in an almost stock F-150...

Those crazy kids!!!

<font color=white>JEN</font color=white>


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Well Jen , I'd be lieing if I said I wasn't jealous . Next month I'll hit that thing fast . You just wait . LOL !! Just kidding . Those are some good pictures . Far from the old days when you had to apologize to Greg for taking the picture too early or too late . Now you shoot like a professional . Also congrats on the one year anniversary of IP . I'm happy to be a part of it ( even if it is just a small part ) . Hey by the way , what are the plans for the weekend of June the 9th ?? My friends and I are planning a big Pismo Beach camping trip . It's usually a blast . We all take our trucks out and have lots of fun . You should see the dune jumps there !! BIG BIG BIG !!! Let me know , and pass the word . The bigger the camp , the better .

Dan Vance



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Aw Dan...you are NOT kidding about hitting that jump fast next month and you know it. Who you trying to fool??? Thanks for the props on my photo-taking abilities. Damn, I used to take some baaaaaaad pictures!!! Now only half the pictures are what I like to call "butt shots". And making it to our one year anniversary has been a whole heckuva lot more fun having you along with us, Dan! Sucks we won't be able to make it to Pismo. We have been talking about having something out there though....maybe towards September. Steve with that lime green Ranger who goes in the Weds night chat lives out there and another guy had called me wanting to do a meeting there. If any IP members are going out there with Dan and the gang let me know. I would like to have someone get some pictures for our site. If anyone's not going to Pismo the weekend of the 9th let me know if you want to go out to Lucerne with us and mark the Kar Tek 400 course. We're also planning a get-together at Wicked Fabrication in Upland June 10th. That's not set in stone though.

<font color=white>JEN</font color=white>
I have to give you props Jen, those are some bitchin shots. The second one is unreal..Thanks for posting them for those of us who's daughter sleeps during the meetings... :) New Baby tonight... :)