big bear hot rod fun last weekend


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Did anybody else go to the big bear hot rod show this last weekend. I went, have been going to that one for years (gives me a reason to stay at my friends cabin).

Saw a lot of the usual nice cars. After the show on Saturday, they all line up to cruise around the lake. My daughter and I waited until all of them left (we thought) and we took a cruise around the lake. There must have been some stragglers because we found our self’s with several hot rods behind us. Everyone gets chairs or sit out on there porches and waving, ring bells at the hot rods. So they started to wave at us also, my daughter was having a blast waving back at them. Some times I would see some older guy with his son and the old man would stop waving when we came around but, the son would be jumping up and down with arms waving around. The father would turn and look at him like “wtf”. Funny.
On Sunday we went out to curse some fire roads. We did not get far there were too many dame mountain bikes. 3 or 4 would go by us then a car following them that took them up.
I think it would be fun to plan a trip up there just to rouse around.


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I wouldn't mind taking your Ranger on a fire road that leads up to the Rim of World Trail. :D I never knew there was a hotrod show up there. Very cool!

We haven't been up there in a couple of years since we moved to N.Cal. We would always rent through Big Bear Vacations and have a blast. Fishing is great! If you don't catch anything in the lake, just pay and go to the stocked pond where you are guaranteed a catch! And they clean and cook'um-up for you!

Anyone know if that off-road adventure tour is any good? I would see that Three Wheeled Truck with bench seats and canopy as we would drive into town. But never looked into it.:confused: