BIG PROPS to "The FABTECH KIDS" and SDHQ from Fast-Aid!!!


BIG PROPS to "The FABTECH KIDS" and SDHQ from Fast-Aid!!!

Last month, in cooperation with Ryan Marselis and SDHQ, Fast-Aid was able to put the drivers door from the SDHQ stolen trailer incident (link) up on the auction block to raise money for injured racers. I dragged it around to races and had all kinds of off road big shots sign it and we got it pretty tagged up. (link) Well yesterday was the last day of the auction and we have a winner (or more correctly "winners") and the story behind who won the auction is pretty cool.

Seeing the door on display at the BITD Mint 400 strummed a few heart strings, especially with the guys over at Fabtech. Every time somebody made an offer they were quick to make sure they bumped up their bid to stay out front and keep the auction going and finally winning by bumping their own final bid up at the last minute to 1000 dollars. But what nobody knew was, that this was really only a gesture made on behalf of the the Trophy Kart Kids on the Fabtech team.

So instead of having a company just come in and sweep this thing up, the donation was spread out among four young gun racers who I have been assured will be "earning" the money that Fabtech has fronted them to win the auction. I was pretty blown away to learn about this and excited to see a company and a cool group of youngsters behave this way.

On behalf of all of us at Fast-Aid, I want to extend our most sincere gratitude to everyone who participated in the auction as well as everyone who took the time to sign the door for us. And a very special thanks goes out to Dave Winner, Greg Atherton, Fabtech, "The Fabtech Kids" (Kacie Nugent, Cory Winner, Ryan Winner, and Wesley Atherton) and SDHQ. Without people like you, our organization could not do what it does and help the people we help, and I can assure you that there are are whole bunch of us who will will be screaming our lungs out when we see you guys race by! THANK YOU!!!

Kacie Nugent Cory Winner Ryan Winner and Wesley Atherton

The door will now forever be on display at the Fabtech offices for anyone who wants to view it in person.


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That is pretty cool for all parties involved.


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Awesome! That is some great news.