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Big Subject/ POLL Class 8 vs Class 9


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**********************Here ya go 9 guys......Here's your chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**********************************

CLASS 8 VS CLASS 9--------------- TAKE YOUR PICK ( comments)


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nine's are rad because:
a) they cost a million dollars less then an 8
b) the guys are punk because they get the crap beat out of them
c) they are fun to drive

eight's are rad because:
a) they cost a million dollars to build
b) the guys are punk because they beat the crap out of their trucks
c) they look like street vehicles (to an extent)
d) chris wilson's is street legal
e) they ROAR
f) they have suspension
g) I'm making one

either way. as long as you have fun, that's all that matters.


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Class 8 Divers need less testical size....The truck does all the work....Class nine guys are WAY MORE THE IORNMAN....... My hats off to class 9 guys... They are studs for going out there in those little cars..... But unfortunetly for me I have small nuts. I would choose class 8. Chicks think you are more impressive... Its the whole chicken and horse story again.



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I have to say all off-road race vehicles are great. I just happen to drive a "9" car.
But as soon as Ed McMann comes to visit I'll be able to move up.
Until then class 9 rocks my world..ah..er..deZert!!!

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Class 8 is the obvious choice. Why????

Gotta have that V8 Roar
Gotta be able to nerf the hell aout of others
Gotta be able to reach speeds that bring fear
Gotta drive a FORD

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