BIG Thanks to all the Pahrump BITD Crew!

Just wanted to let you all know how much we appreciate you! Wolf Pack #2777 had a hell of a day, multiple mechanical issues, stuck a couple times, and a roll over all put us last on the road, with the clock ticking closer to timing out. Without the tireless help from the BITD crew and Rescue (thanks for checking us out after we put the Tortuga on her lid) we would of never got our truck across the finish line, (there is always something special about being the last official finisher)! No way we would of gotten there without all your help. Pretty sure this finish pin is going to have a little more meaning.


Rescue 1
You all are warriors. Appreciate you being our sweep. I was rescue at pit 6, it was an honor to meet all of you.


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Great post........we need more positive posts!!!!!


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Stoked you guys finished! Way to not give up! Also stoked for the #6003 crew for not quiting and the driver and co-dog swapping a transmission to get to the finish!

- PRC 4 Mile 178


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I second Somers comment! it was a long day but we made it. The BITD crew is second to none. You guys are the best. We couldn't have finished without you.