big valves VS big cam


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I am in the process of rebuilding my 22r. I am in a quandry regarding valves and cams. I will be using the stock carb and eghaust manifold (eventually a header). I have purchased slightly oversized valves. They do not require the seats to be replaced just re cut. Will a cam and these valves require a carbueration change as well. Or will oversize valves alone have the same affect as a bigger cam in regards to air volume?

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Bigger valves do not require a carb change. If you increase the carb size you can also increase the performance.

The cam increases the demand for more fuel, the bigger valves and carb or carbs deliver the fuel.

I have a set of Dual Weber 40MM side draft carbs with 22R manifolds for sale for $750. Used less than 1 year they make big power.

Flat bill side drafts will put you in front.

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IF the valves were the flow restriction b4, you will get more low lift flow. Low lift flow is the key to making power. If they were not the primary restriction you probaly won't see much change.


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