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biggest dick move ever.


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Such wasted talent. Surprised his manager didn't send him to anger management. He was definitely a hot head in Moto 3 as well, with almost as bad incidents. This one takes the cake.


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Considering that the main focus of the FIA is Safety First, and the fact that the circuit is named in honor of the late Marco Simoncelli, I see the hammer dropping hard and long on this, as well it should. Disgusting.


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I'd make sure that f*@ker never wanted to race again. Lifetime ban at least, if not, he has a target on him for awhile.

El Mamito USMC

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i saw the move. pretty insightful to be honest but i was like OMFG did he just do that...

El Mamito USMC

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And.....he's racing again. Forgiven? Hopefully he won't draw negative attention to himself anymore.
after that move? he better be that good for a team to even take a look at him..

jon coleman

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they did go at it jeff gordon style, leaving there helmets on??when i raced mx ive seen a few hmmmm ' discussions' after the race.but if you are a ' pro', that means somthing.take the disagreements behind the motorhome....


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As a former motocrosser and road racer, this is just stupid and yet fun to watch. Contact used to be a part of motocross, now it's a fighting offense. I now ride/race the occasional enduro and spend a fair amount of time watching extreme enduro and the top riders all apologize if they even bump into each other! So different than the Motocross "stars" and road racers. But keep the entertainment coming!