Billy Mays, Dead at 50.


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man, i really didn't care much for the others, but.... BILLY MAYS MAN! so unfair. i wonder if there still going to show "Pitchmen" this Wednesday. i remember watching a commercial for a fly catcher last night. this sucks.

Bad week to be 50 years old I guess....... Bad week to be a celebrity.

I am a little bummed about this guy- I have no idea what kind of person he was, but I know he made something out of nothing and ended up being very successful. You gotta respect that.

jo maoma

if i were the cops i'd be looking into that sham-wow guy's whereabouts...


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I'm in shock. This guy was at are hotel with his family not more then 3 weeks ago. Very nice walking around shaking hands and having a good time. I can't believe this.

randy s

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i couldn't find the remote to change the channel fast enough when this guy came on. too bad for people close to him though.


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Didn't hear this this on TV,ow thats right were still morning that freak show Jackson!!! Poor Farrea hardly got 15 min!!!! I wonder if they are still going to run his commercials??? To bad it wasn't the Sham Wow guy!!



This totally sucks. Great American entrepreneur, a great personality and great show.

As a grass-roots, entrepreneur myself, I could identify with Billy and the show completely and never missed an episode.

He will be sorely missed!

Rest in peace Billy and prayers for your family and friends.


Mark Newhan

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Billy Mays is a great American! I have a couple of products that I was going to pitch to the pitchman.


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Maybe they could have used some "Mighty Putty" to seal Mike's blown out heart valve.... Just as I was reading this thread the commercial came on. Yeah this guy was a good spokesman... Not as good as Ron Popeal but pretty darn good...