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Bilstein test vehicle needed 2008+ Freightliner Front Engine Diesel (FRED) - Class A

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Joel @ Bilstein here, hopefully someone in the desert race community has a FRED chassis and can use a free set of shocks! (As a note I am not personally involved with this project but posting on behalf of the Bilstein R&D department)


BILSTEIN looking for 2008+ FRED Chassis RV for ride testing!
Vehicle: 2008+ Freightliner Front Engine Diesel (FRED) - Class A
Timing: As soon as possible (for up to two weeks)
Vehicle owner will receive, at no charge, one set of shock absorbers (front & rear) installed on his/her vehicle.
Vehicle owner is required to deliver vehicle to the Bilstein Aftermarket headquarters in Poway, CA, and make arrangements for alternative transportation during the time of product installation and tuning.

The aftermarket development department of Bilstein shocks absorber is seeking the aforementioned vehicle for the purpose of design / installation confirmation and tuning of dynamic characteristics (damping/valving). Vehicle usage would encompass approximately 200 miles of on-road evaluation within a week’s period of time.

In exchange for use of subject vehicle, vehicle will be equipped with lifetime warranty Bilstein shock absorbers, four wheel alignment and a full tank of fuel.

ThyssenKrupp Bilstein provides a full “Garage Keeper’s Endorsement” providing vehicle owner insurance.

Interested parties please contact the Bilstein Development Department (800) 537-1085 ex 5934.


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Re: Bilstein test vehicle needed 2008+ Freightliner Front Engine Diesel (FRED) - Clas

Kartek's toter is one of those I think?