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Bilstein valve rating recommendations


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I'm looking to get custom shocks for my 2wd f-250 diesel with a 2" lift.. I use this truck for a daily and pit/chase.

You guys with the 2wd f-250 know there are limited shocks options for this vehicle. to date I haven't found any off the shelf shocks worth a chit. they all seem to soft in the compression and rebound. I always seem to blow out the passenger side shock as well.

I've found some 7100 Bilsteins that will work using the JKS shock mount conversion kit but they have a few valve ratings to choose from and I was hoping someone could give me a ball park of where to start. I'd like not to send them in for revalve if I could get them close off the shelf.. Remember it's a chase truck.. not a racer.. but my gut feeling is i"ll need to revalve to get it close.

approximate weight of truck is 6500 to 7200 lbs loaded (chase rack, spares,gas etc)

Note.. I want them to have stiffer valving for the tires and heavy loads while on the dirt roads.. don't care about any suspension lift I just want the front end to be more planted and have better big bump and rebound.

so here are the choices of the valve ratings all in .52 m/s

comp: 1350
Reb: 3450

comp: 600
Reb: 1700

Comp: 750
Reb: 1800

# custom
any suggestions?



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Gotta love google:

Some more searching, I came up with this from "eshocks" but want to verify with some experts.

Pretty much says for single shocks I should be looking at 3260 rebound/ 1490 compression for the front.

it also recommends 2750 rebound/780 comp for the rear..

think I'll order the option #1 and see how that goes.. it's a little softer on compression as stiffer on rebound.. but I'll see how it works

Or if I can get them valved at time of purchase.. maybe go that way.