bing a trash bag


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While pulling the calif 200 course sunday morning there was an enormous amount of trash at various pits. Several race teams even left their signs on the course (well made and i assume not cheap to make) Do us all a favor and pack out what you pack in. I picked up two bags of trash while pulling the course. Makes us look bad. My 2 cents.

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John Bitting

Before I left I filled up a hefty bag of trash from around our pit.. Most of it was not ours. I still cannot believe that people can just leave trash in the desert..


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You rock!!!! I also picked you trash outside of our camp that was not ours. I wonder if these people throw trash on the floor at home? I also have to say thanks to John.. And thanks to everyone else that picked up their trash and thoughs who went the extra mile and picked up more than what they brought.....



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With Jeepspeed we have a pit for at least 6 trucks, so we had alot of trash, but when we left the only thing there was tire marks.