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Good thing that Tim Carroll had problems, he was running away with it, till I heard he had lost oil pressure......

John Bitting

I have not heard any stories yet other then S&S won.. That is cool about Tim... Thanks Scott. How was it out there??


Yes Tim Carol was hauling ass, but look were it put him on the trailor, hello 500 mile blow it up in the first 100, yes smart. Taylor was also hauling ass like a demion, didnt see him threw anymore pits after two. Turner kept stopping at each pit, unknown why. S&S and guys were trucking along, look like they kept messing with the air filter. Saw lewis get in at a BFG pit and he was driving that thing like a cruise missle. Lewis and Turner mixed it up swapping spots . Turner had a lead and lost something with the electricla and lewis got by and never looked back. Lewis looked like he never took a short retirement. Turner came in after Lewis by a few hours.


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I was @ Pit 7 or 8 (Dry Lake) and his crew received the word about the motor letting loose. And John it was a long day, but it was pretty awesome.