BITD entry list


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Does anyone know where to get a copy of the entry list? Does BITD post it somewhere?
A penchy course map would be nice to, I don't want to sit at estero all day......


Jerry Maguire
I am curious to know how the course leaves Estero as it seems like it is all "marsh" land south of Estero and North/east are the military bases/Ensanada. Does anybody know who went on the prerun?

See ya in the dirt!


Krittro Campbell
email or PM kevonthegas he can give you some information. He went prerunning.

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The first and last 15 miles will be seen friday under a guided pre-run by Casey.....I think it will be going through a lot of towns myself.



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- users no longer part of the rdc family - sucks...I need to know where the race course goes after leaving Estero...I live around the area and I want to pick a cool viewing spot early so I can take good pics...

Also...I wonder how teams qre going to manage to have their cars ready since a lot of them raced this last weekend on Primm...



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GOOD LUCK Kevin. I just cancelled my reservations and decided to save up for the next race. First finish and you'll finish first! Bring home the money and the trophy!!