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BITD Laughlin - Cinco de Method

John Bitting

First night of the new BITD Laughlin Desert Challenge was a success. Race sponsor Method Race Wheels hosted a taco party complete with taco bar(Chicken and Carne Asada), Tecates, and Azunia Margaritas. We ran into Colbey earlier in the day and he mentioned they ordered food for 300 people and to stop by. I think 500 people or more got the memo. It was a great time and we thank Method and BITD for the good times last night.

Here are some cell phone photos from last night. The lighting was bad in the tent so squint hard and you can kind of make out who is in the picture.
Repurposing NORRA General Tire cups was cool since some of us missed the race.
The burritos were huge, and the margaritas flowing like the salmon of Capistrano.
The catering crew was great.
Part of the crowd enjoying the food, drinks and company.
Some of the vehicles on display included the new 2017 Raptor.
The lady responsible for us feeling great last night. Thank you to Jim Riley and Azunia for providing these margaritas.
More of the crowd.

The Mariachis sang some interesting songs for those of us that dont speak fluent Spanish. "Allegedly"
Dark picture of Harley getting his fastest qualifier award.

Colbey talking to a TT racer. I heard he is pretty fast.