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BITD Pahrump Rooms?


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Lakeside is highly recommended. Best part is all the Terrible Herbst "lawn art" from all the the old vehicles. Not often you see rusted a-arm's as a plant support.


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I have 2 rooms (2 queen beds in each) reserved at the Best Western that I won't be using. Sold the truck. They are not pre-paid. You can just use the conf codes i have and pay when you arrive. Let me know.


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Call the host hotel and ask for the number for the winery. It's a campground and they have cottages. I reserved one a few days ago and they still had a bunch left.

Sorry guys your going to have to call the host hotel for their number, I'm a sema and their number is on my desk back in Denver.


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I could use some....or one...call me 602-619-2277 if you can hook me up.....thanx....my son is racing his FIRST RACE....might need some body work after the race...haha