BITD Rulebook for Helmets & Firesuits


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I volunteered teching Suits and Helmets at The Mint last year and it seemed as if quite a few people were unaware of the change to the rules for firesuit ratings.

In order to avoid a surprise/un-anticipated visit up Tech and Contingency row to buy a new helmet or suit, I figured I'd remind people of the BITD rules for 2017

Helmets: "Beginning with the 2017 Best in the Desert Racing Season, the SA2005-rated helmets will no longer be permitted"

Protective Clothing (Suits): "All suits must be manufactured from fire resistant material and shall bear a minimum of an SFI 3.2A/5 or higher manufacturer's certification label"

You can find the full rulebook at

Sections SCR1 and SCR2 deal with helmets and suits along with other protective gear.