BITD Silvers State 300 Time Trial ***VIDEO***


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Looking forward to seeing the video but it says that its not available.


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Thats BA Doug!!!! Man Hoveys car is FFAASSSSSSTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! Buggies just kill it in the tight tech sections.


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sweeeet video

fast eddie

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cool stuff dougie freash your like a one legged man in a kicking contest!!!!
ya boy thats the good stuff dougie you all right!!!
i want my wickedgravity video!!!!!!!!!!

buddy crisp

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more video and pics......please. Some of us poor suckers just could not get away!!!! We still love to see the pics!!!


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Digging the music choice. :D


Well-Known Member's what I got! Horrible slow and sandy course...great spectator views!
[ame=""]YouTube - BITD Silver State 300 Time Trials: Top Qualifiers 2009[/ame]


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Nice work Doug...that sand was brutal for a lot of the cars to cope with. Qualifying track couldn't have been any more different from what the race course was actually like.


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Thanks for the post. Big up's to you for giving "big bro" some love in the footage.