BITD TV Coverage Continues to Impove


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Jun 17, 2005
Mount Vernon, WA
Just got this yesterday regarding continuing expansion and enhancement of Sopwith Motorsports and BITD's TV program. Looks like they're going to try to add coverage of the top finishers to the documentary format.

MOTORSPORTS NEWS - for immediate release
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Sopwith Motorsports and Bully Dog Best in the Desert TV Announce
Enhanced Program Format for the 2009 Winter Season
August 13, 2009 - Sopwith Motorsports today announced enhancements to the program format for its popular television show, Bully Dog Best in the Desert TV, which returns to the air in December on several cable networks. The format changes are in response to fan feedback solicited by Sopwith earlier this year.

Bully Dog Best in the Desert TV is off-road desert racing’s most widely televised full season series, offering an up-close-and-personal view of the sport by profiling several race teams during each 30-minute episode. Beginning with coverage of the “TSCO Vegas to Reno the Long Way Race”, which will be profiled in two separate episodes airing later this year, the program will include expanded coverage of the winning team for each race.

“The switch to a major network and a documentary format has been well received, but fans said they want to see the race’s winning team featured more prominently,” said Stephen Cox, Sopwith Motorsports CEO and executive producer. “We now plan to add more footage of the winning team throughout each episode, include additional commentary and video of the winners in the credit rollout closing, and feature the winning drivers first in the post-race interview portion of the program.”

Sopwith also announced plans to launch a new mechanism for soliciting audience and fan feedback via its web site ( later this year once the show returns to the air. According to David Keathley, who has joined the Sopwith team to oversee audience outreach and marketing, additional details will be announced in the near future. Meanwhile, members of the Sopwith team will continue to reach out to drivers, fans, and sponsors during race events held throughout the summer and fall.

Earlier this year, in direct response to fan requests, Sopwith secured expanded television coverage for Best in the Desert racing by negotiating major network deals with Fox Sports and the Outdoor Channel. This ensured a television package reaching more than 154 million households, an unprecedented level of coverage for a desert racing series.

“Sopwith Motorsports continues to be a great television partner for off-road desert racing, fully committed to the sport and its fans,” said Casey Folks, Director of Best in the Desert. “Sopwith put off-road desert racing back on major, national networks this season and now they're improving the show format behind the scenes in response to our fans. I believe Sopwith has taken an important step to boost audience appeal for some of the most exciting racing in the world.”

Sopwith will also enhance coverage in the coming season by leveraging four new on-board camera systems while also pioneering a new audio system designed to capture the conversations between driver and co-driver during the race. Additionally, a new long-range platform camera system will be used to record the action up close, capturing a full-screen image of a racecar from more than a half mile away.

New episodes of Bully Dog Best in the Desert TV are currently in production and will air later this year. Program schedules for the Outdoor Channel, MavTV and the America One Sports Network are still being finalized. Air dates for Fox Sports are provided below:
Bully Dog Best in the Desert TV, presented by Torchmate
Vegas to Reno Fox Sports 4:00 pm Monday December 7
Vegas to Reno Fox Sports 4:00 pm Monday December 14
Silver State 300 Fox Sports 4:00 pm Monday December 21
Henderson Fabtech Desert Classic Fox Sports 4:00 pm Monday December 28


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Aug 7, 2004
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Exactly, I am not complaining about the Sopwith Production by any means. But I would compare the Parker Episode to a boring magazine article that failed to present the reality of hell on earth and one of the best races I have ever attended.

However I do enjoy the personal focus segments but it really washes down the race action.


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Mar 31, 2008
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So they are getting closer to getting what they told us it would be? race coverage? Finally they are getting a clue!

Imagine a Nascar race talking about Nascar racing and talking about some of the sponsers, showing the guys who paid for time in the pits, showed them go by one time, then at the end told how the people who paid finished and on a side not mentioning the winner. It would not be the powerhouse sport it is today.

Also, find that thread with the Parker race from 1988. that coverage was awesome. Even the low definition cameras were better.


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Aug 23, 2006
How was the live coverage provided by Sopwith Motorsports? I was not able to view as i was stuck in my boring office all day