BITD Vegas 2 Reno!!!!

randy s

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i think we're gonna give it a try. this will be our first race outside of mexico. we don't have any idea what's happening as far as planning goes and we fully expect to screw it up. but if we can figure it out, we should have a pretty good race. our truck is pretty sound and suffered no serious problemas at the 500.
I'm not but RockHead will be running in 1500, plus Shannon Campbell and a bunch of KOH'ers. That ought to be interesting.


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This will be our first year of V2R in our 7200 truck! can't wait!!


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We'll be there.


Look for the Cyclone toybox


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I'll be there with my son Kane. He races for Aprillia of Oceanside. His bike # is 317. This will be my first V2R also. For some reason I'm more nervous of him running this race than I am when he races SCORE Baja races.

Elk Hunter

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[. For some reason I'm more nervous of him running this race than I am when he races SCORE Baja races.[/QUOTE]

Chill, After Baja vtr is a cake walk. The course is very well marked, no Booby traps, cell phones work, everyone speaks english, chase roads are safe,etc,etc.

Wendell #527

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I'm ready. At least I thought I was ready till I went out testing this weekend and found out my fuel cell leaks. I'll have er fixed soon. Can't wait. No prerunning this year for anybody----kind of evens out the playing field. Hope this year there isn't a traffic jam in that first mountain section. That was a bummer last year. This will be a challenge for sure.


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Gary Messer will be there racing his Trophylite in the 7200 class.


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I would love to race the V2R - BITD puts on a great series, and I like the Nevada desert (Lived in Reno for about 6 years)! Logistically/etc just not possible to get the short course car ready for something of this magnatude! Good luck to everyone who is doing this one! Should be an awesome time!! Wish the Weatherman would cover this so I could stream it!! :)

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Re: vegas 2 reno

Andy and Scott McMillin TT #31. I say in 2nd will be the TT of Mark McMillin...Geiser TT's will be 1st and 2nd...Pretty sure you'll be up there too though Rick in the #71. Good luck


goddess like
I'll be there hosting a pit (Tonopah, Tonopah #2 and Weeks) for your enjoyment haha :D

Stone Crawler

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Racing 4471 the new Ultra4 class. (KOH Cars) Shannon Campbell will not be racing, but we have Ben Napier coming over from Australia to run in this class. 10 cars sent in the letter of intent, and 5 more have told me they will run, so we should have a fairly good size group.

Hammerking Production's and Pinned will be shooting the race for the third installment of the King of the Hammers film, and we have a European magazine writer coming over as well.

We are starting in the back, but I expect on places like that traffic Jam hill we will make up some time, so please take it easy on these guys most of them have no desert racing experience outside KOH. KOH Drivers from all over the country are coming out to this race not only to drive but to chase, and crew. It is extremely exciting for us to see teams that do battle against each other in KOH, create alliances and join forces to attempt this epic endurance adventure.

For myself and my partner Dave Cole, this is the first opportunity we have had in three years to race against each other, and the drivers that participate in our King of the Hammers franchise, so the pressure is on us as well. We will be running under the "Unite" banner with about 36 guys and 3 cars from a multitude of Rock sports teams supporting the 4471, 4454, and 4436(? I think thats the number) cars of Jeff Knoll, Dave Cole, and Ben Napier.

One month to go...... Can't wait!

Team Shark Attack

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TSA Motorsports 7226 is in. Can't wait for this race.