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BITD vs WORCS utv build


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Wondering what the difference in builds would be if running BITD vs WORCS. Is it realistic for a single UTV to be built to race selective races in both series? If so, what considerations would need to be made (i.e. spare tire cage design, passenger seating, etc...).


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Aren't most WORCS cars single seaters and BITD requires 2. Also no spares at all on a WORCS car. I could imagine more wound up motors and clutches on a WORCS car. Both would need to be more durable for long distance races. Just the first things that popped into my head.


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I race desert and don't know a ton about worcs, but what I do know is that desert cars are much heavier most the time. The biggest differences in my opinion are chassis, fuel cell, and wheels/tires. Many desert teams like a 4 seat chassis and no worcs guys do, desert teams have a big heavy fuel cell for range, and if I'm not mistaken worcs can run a stock cell, desert cages must be welded, worcs can be bolt on. Desert guys like big tires for clearance, worcs seems to keep tires a bit smaller. Could you build a car to do both? I'm sure you could. Would you have as good of a chance at winning as the purpose built cars you're up against? No

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You could run it but you would be at a severe disadvantage running a BITD machine at a WORCS race