Bitd web site down?


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Has anyone tried to get on the BITD web site? i get the 404 error not found!:confused:

buddy crisp

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The site was down yesterday as they were updating the "NEW" and improved site.....all is good away!!!
Hey Jo Moama why don't you share your infamous WD award with the race-dezert family?

jo maoma

it was at the Nevada rally expereance that Casey used to do with Scott Harden.
i decided to try and ride the thing on a BMW 1200GS, and i managed to bang the
thing up enough to fault the fancy gee-whiz servo assisted brakes. i found this out
as i was coming in hot to one of our gas stops and had no brakes. i had to lay the
thing down on the way into the gas station, as the crash bars hit the pavement i
swear the bike actually sped up. everyone already at the station started running
for cover as the bike slid by the pumps by a foot or two spitting just enough
sparks to keep it interesting...

...but i did get a sweet vintage Nevada Rally t-shirt along with the award. :D

Chase 2

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There was more info regarding the upcoming V2R before they re-did the site, but there is plenty of time yet before the race.


Well-Known Member redesigned the site probably didn't work for a bit. But it's up and going for me.

Baja Fool

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I happened to go on last night to check the TT250 entry list and found a brand new site. All the docs seemed to be there.

So they are probably just putting the final touchs on it......Rob Mac in the Ford was in the background while the docs were loading.$$$$$$:D