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BJ BALDWIN and Toyota and GM products


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Is he really 100% sponsored by Toyota, our just the brand to run TT. I dont think Toyota is going to be really happy with there new Ironman posting pictures of GM products.




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Im pretty sure Simon and Simon lost their ford sponsorship due to them buying a chevy product and Ford finding out about it.....


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And once again, BJ Baldwin is the topic of conversation. This is what Toyota wants. They want Trending topics.


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Toyota does not own BJ and he is free to buy cars as he sees fit. Tony Stewart was on a commercial in a Corvette when he was sponsored by Toyota when he drove the 20 car in the Cup series and that's a much bigger sponsorship then what BJ has.

This commercial is from 2008

This was his 2008 Cup car.


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I believe he put on Facebook he was selling his Dodge diesel due to the Toyota sponsorship. I hope he finishes the one he was building.


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Like him or not it is still good for the sport to have personalities like him, Cameron, and so on. I'm not a huge fan of his either, but I really say anything bad.

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There was something about BJ's post that sounded familiar........ it just hit Me:

"Be alot cooler if You did" :D