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Black Socks


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They are all I wear. And no I don't rock a flatbill (surprisingly). I have had the worst luck lately, well other than the fact that I wear a size 14. I have worn foot lockers ankle high black socks for years. But, the last few bags I have bought, the quality of the socks were crap. Holes in them after one day, loose strings everywhere, and they were absolutely cheap and thin. Anyone else know what brand, place to buy better ones? Keep in mind they have to have big & tall ones. Usually they say sizes 13 or 14-16. Please & Thanks

C. Bucher

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Vans brand have been killer socks. Last long time, great padding and hold together really well.


Captain Backpack
go to www.myfoxracingahox.com and pick some up there ! Most comfortable socks I own! Can't go wrong! ... Well worth the $ and your supporting a company that supports our sport!


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Socks what's that???


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I got some Everlast ankle highs at Big 5 awhile back. I diggem cause they dont have any logos, and feel so good when I put my shoes on. Holding up well.

JWK Motorsports

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ACTIVE SOCKS FTMFW!!!! 5 bucks a pair an I guarantee you they are the most comfortable out there!

Also wolverine have very durrible ones.. Not as comfy, but great qualitys and durability!

baja stu

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Go to Boot Barn and get the Carhart Black socks . "Very Nice"


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Get some black ankle socks from Vans. Get the XL size. I wear a 16 and they fit perfect.


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Try snap on socks I got a pair and they are really comfortable if you have access to a snap on truck or try their website.


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my dad and best friend wears KB, great socks, comes in big sizes i wear them too. although i like different colored socks, hate white socks so boring...