Blitzkrieg Motorsports 7200 Hub

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Blitzkrieg Motorsports is proud to officially release the 7200 version of our 2.5 Race Hub. The 7200 Hub carries over many features found on the 2.5 Race Hub. The hub body is CNC machined, in house, out of 7075 aluminum. It is also hard anodized black to reduce corrosion and increase surface hardness.

Included with the hubs are lighter weight 4130 snouts. These snouts are hollow to reduce un-sprung weight and are heat treated to increase strength and durability. The bolt circle and register machined into the snouts allows our hub package to be compatible with any Blitzkrieg long travel or race uprights.

To finish off the hub, we use all Timken 2.5” bearings, seals, and races. Also, you can’t forget about the finishing touches... the much recognized ‘BMS’ logo and the machined pocketing.

With many race miles logged, the 7200 version and standard 2.5 Race hubs have proven themselves at each race.

Coming soon will be the Chevy race hubs and a new Prolite short course hub set. Stay tuned for updates!