Good and bad experiences this weekend....friday was good.....we were out at shea road getting info from a ranger where we can spectate ...real cool guy ..even went as far as calling on the radio if he didnt know something. Bad Experience: We thought we would get to the wash about 530 am to get a prime spot at the tip so we can see cars comin and goin...well we did and everthing was cool until about 630 when a ranger comes over and says cant be here have to be over there on the other side of the tape...well neither was posted. We did as he said and sucked it up......Then later on we went down in the wash to see just the first cars come through ...we were down there about an hour knowing we were probably going to get caught before the first came through...he caught us about the fifth car and made a butt out of himself by yelling as we come up out of the wash the entire 1/4 mile of wash that he kicked me and 50 others out earlier was jammed pack with proable 100 cars and spectators. I told him your buddy kicked me out of there a bit ago and know look...I let him know that was preety chicken $!*! of them. Basically...they coulnt handle the large crowds so they just let it go...but I think initially it was always supposed to be open. That is what gives them a bad name. SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT!!!


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Out at the Midway pit there were two guys waking up and down the pit taking pictures of cars and people's pit. One of the guys was wearing a AZ Game and Fish jacket. I over heard them taking about how they're gonna end this race.

The midway pit was extremely professional and well run. We had to wait to pull a car out of the desert, so we had to stay late into the night at the pit. When we left the pits, it was clean and had very little garbage. In fact all thoughout the day the crews were cleaning up after themselves. I saw the Hardin crew shovel dirt that they spilled some oil on, into a bucket.