BLM film permit


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Hey guys, so I have been filming in the offroad industry for about 2 years now. Always enjoy it and never had any legal issues. I just got back from rally on the rocks in Moab UT. On this trip I learned about the BLM film permit and that if you dont obtain one you WILL be fined. Frustrating but whatever so I figured I would apply for a permit and forward date it so I could at least use the content. Well after sending in my permit BLM calls me and says theres $500 in fees and you have to hire a BLM officer to go out with you on your shoot. ARE YOU F****** KIDDING ME!? This seems outrageous and unjust. So much for "your public lands". After doing more research it looks like this is gonna be the case for just about every offroad race/event. Anyone know if im stuck to this BS or if theres an easier way to get around it?

Curtis Guise

We covered Easter Jeep Safari for the first time this year and I had to call the BLM to get a letter for our photographer to carry with him in case he was stopped by anyone. They don’t charge for editorial coverage but they do for commercial as you found out. This is not required for most other desert racing events (BITD, SCORE, MORE, etc...). Each promoter has their own deal with the BLM and you sign up for media with the race promoter. Some have fees for commercial use that are usually reasonable. If you are shooting editorial or a team there isn’t a fee with most promoters.
Unless your activities are subject to the 1872 mining laws, exploiting public resources for commercial purposes is considered a "taking" from the public and compensation must be imposed.

You fell victim to those who came before you, like a Glenn Larson Productions' second unit who set the Sonora Desert ablaze in a stunt gone wrong back in the 1980's.