BLM RAC Nominations


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An important opportunity to represent outdoor recreational interests in your area:

The BLM has announced openings on several Resource Advisory Councils (RACs). There are openings on certain RACs in the following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana/Dakotas, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon/Washington and Utah. These RACs provide advice and recommendations to BLM on land use planning and management of the public lands within
their geographic areas. Membership on the Council must represent the various interests concerned about management of BLM lands. Nominations can be made for three categories. Category One includes commercial and off-highway vehicle recreation interests, holders of grazing permits, and resource development interests. Category Two includes dispersed recreation, wild equine groups and environmental organizations. Category Three includes elected government officials, employees of state land management agencies, Indian tribes, academicians in the natural sciences and the public-at-large. Check with your local BLM office (see below) to verify which Category has openings.

You may nominate someone you know or you may submit your own name for consideration. Members serve three-year terms. It is a requirement that the nominee reside in the state in which the RAC is located. Nominees will be considered based on their education, training, and experience and their
knowledge of the geographical area of the RAC. Additionally, nominees will be favorably considered if they can show a commitment to collaborative resource decision-making.

A nomination must include letters of reference from represented organizations or interests, a nomination form and any additional information demonstrating the nominee’s qualifications.

In addition to the general requirements of the nomination, each BLM State Office has issued a press release providing the specific requirements for that area as well as the number and categories of positions available for each RAC. Please contact the RAC you are interested in to obtain its RAC
nomination form or visit the state BLM website to download the nomination form.

RACs tend to meet every other month and sometimes on a quarterly basis. The members’ travel and per diem expenses are reimbursed by the BLM state office. Check with the individual BLM RAC you are interested in joining to verify the specific activities of that RAC.

Nominations are due in the appropriate BLM State Office no later than April 22, 2002.

Contacts for the BLM Resource Advisory Council office in your state:

Deborah Stevens 602-417-9215

Central California
Larry Mercer 661-391-6000

NE California and NW California
Jeff Fontana 530-252-5332

Front Range; SW; and NW
Sheri Bell 303-239-3671

Upper Columbia; Upper Snake and Lower Snake
Jerry Rohnert 208-373-4017

Montana and Dakotas
Eastern Montana; Central Montana; Western Montana; Dakotas
Jodi Weil 406-896-5258

Mojave-Southern; NE Great Basin; Sierra Front NW
Debra Kolkman 775-289-1946

New Mexico
Mary White 505-438-7404

Eastern Washington; John Day/Snake; SE Oregon
Pam Robbins 541-618-2456

Sherry Foot 801-539-4195


I am on the RAC for Southern Nevada representing permitted recreation. This appointment has made a difference for me and for others by me being there. If you have the time, take the first step to make the commitment.

If you gain a nomination you will need endorsements from your folks that could be your constituents. Also, endorsements from other RAC members help. I'd be glad to send a letter off after I understand whom you are if I don't know you already.