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BMS OFF ROAD announces a new product to our growing line-up of upper control arm kits. We have just developed and tested a new kit for the HD 2wd and 4wd Chevy and GMC trucks. This kit offers a replacement upper arm that features a 1” outer uniball with a heat treated 4340 pin. The uniball cup angle has been modified from stock in order to allow for more downward movement. This is important when cranking the torsions or adding torsion keys.

Along with the stronger outer pivot, the plate construction features interlocking plates that can be found on our other full-race style components and chassis. When you put all of these features together, you should expect increased offroad reliability and performance. The KING bolt-in shock provides a smoother ride, and compliments the arm with 29% more travel.

We have added another compliment to the boxed upper arms, a 7075 Aluminum heim steering kit. This kit utilizes 7/8” and 3/4" heims on each end with a 17-4 stainless steel clevis and 4340 heat treated pin.

This kit has been dubbed the “Chase Kit” because of its usefulness in rough offroad terrain. Not only will the kit improve the performance offroad, but on road performance as well. Most of us have gear we need to lug around for work during the week and race equipment on the weekends. We have kept this in mind when developing this new suspension package!

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