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Bob "The Weatherman" Steinberger passed away this morning


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Just got an email from Parker 4 Wheelers: "Letting you all know that long time club member "the Weatherman" Bob Steinberger has passed away this morning."



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Very sad to hear...... Bob, rest in peace


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Double damn...what another GREAT guy gone...RIP


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Another huge blow for the off road community , thankfully his legacy will live on forever in off road ..

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Steve Marolda

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From racers to mechanics to spectators to families to race promoters to course workers to anybody and everybody involved in our sport.... Bob worked tirelessly watching over us, trying to keep us little safer. He deserves not only our gratitude but also a Hero's medal.


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Huge loss for us.. he was a good man........ god speed WeatherMan

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Mike @ pit b


Condolences to the Steinbergers and PCI family.


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RIP Weatherman. Thank You for all you did for our sport we love. We will miss you. Condolences to the Steinberger/PCI family.

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RIP Bob.
Miss the voice already.
Condolences to the family and PCI.


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i spent a couple days last week at the hospital with bob.....talking about hunting, street racing when he was a kid, running from the cops, baja, radios, women, haha, etc, etc....for hours.....even though im so sad now, those memories of him make me smile.....i feel lucky to have gotten that time with him....he was sharp as ever, and BRAVE to the end.....i will truly miss you bob........yes, sometimes men cry......