Body Stiffening


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For those of you who have cut large holes in your firewall, to move the engine back: How have you strenthened the remaining firewall? Could one integrate some supports from the roll cage, or should tube be bent around the engine. Also, has anyone attempted to make a dog house to 'plug the hole' so to speak? I was thinking it wouldn't be to complicated to make one out of fiberglass, any insight would be helpfull.


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For the best and cleanest results that anyone would be happy with

I think the best way would be to cut the remaining firewall out and start over with sheetmetal.

Use card board for templates

Tape them up and to each other

Use a numbering system to identify each piece, and make a cheat sheet diagram to keep for yourself when it you assemble the new sheet metal pieces

(If you dont have the means to fabricate these pieces out of sheet metal)
Take your card board templates to a machine shop or small fab shop, and have them bust out the real deals, make sure you # them to keep track of the right pieces and no where they will be installed.

Go home assemble the puzzle, tack it together an WALLA!


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Ron pm me, you can use my shear and sheet metal brake.