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Bogus Phone Companies


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PCI Race Radios phones are not working today because of Allegiance Telecom. This company promised lower rates and better customer service, yet can't seem to get my business phones up and running. I Hope this problem will be fixed ASAP, but here are some cell numbers in case you need to get in touch. Scott 714-342-7206, Kelly 714-296-5162, Jimmy 714-396-3231. Thank you for your patience they say this will be fixed in the next few hours. My advice to anyone thinking of changing your service: DON'T. On another note hope everyone had a great Christmas, I know I did. My wife Kellyann suprized me with the fact that she is 3 months pregnant due in July. At least she times them well so I don't have to miss a race! Everyone have a safe and happy new year!

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Phones are up and running at PCI Race Radios. If you hear a rumor that PCI is out of bussiness it is not true, our phones were just down for a few hours due to an inept phone service provider. Thank you for your patience and if you could not get through earlier call back please.

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Re: Baby


Congratulations and I like your attitude! I took myself out of racing for the last five years due to the life changing experience of children. I am just now getting back into it and I am more excited and focussed as ever. I do think it's possible to enjoy both but it is definitely more challenging. I figure the kids might slow you down about 1 mile per hour average. I think that's still fast enough to win! Good luck!

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Congrats to the newest race team member to be. In the meantime, sorry to hear of your problems with the $%#@!^&$# at Allegiance. Last Spring, both Mendeola Racing and Race Ready Products made the "SEAMLESS SWITCH" to those imposters and the same thing happened to us. While it took 2 and a half days to straighten out, we had to front a couple of thousand dollars to switch back the trunk lines to Pacific Bell. Give me a call when you have some time as I located others disgrutled and itching to lay a class action lawsuit on Allegiance. Safe and Happy New Year greetings to everyone!

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1) Congrats...

2) Time for a bigger house!

3) Miss a race? You schmuck!

4) Alegiance used to be good. They were our competition at MPWR. Sometimes, these companies get screwed by the incumbent phone company, "Verizon" in your case. It was commonplace when I was in the biz. To beat their game, we would install our service a week ahead of the cutover day to make sure all was well on the big day. BTW, you can buy the MPWR stuff in your area. 8 phone lines, rocking-stomping T-1 net access etc for I think around $400 a month. Some LD is included too. We have the same service in LV and it is extremely reliable.

I'll call you on Monday!