Bolton takes another win at Mrann's round 3


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Bolton racing’s Brad Bolton gets another class win at round three of MRANN’s spring series, the “Cinco de Mayo 100” hosted by Lassen M/C.

This race was a blast! The layout of the course was just what I needed after racing in the rocks at the Virginia City Grand Prix. I headed out to Doyle, CA late Saturday night with some friends, Adam Thissen and Robert Underwood. We got to the pits at just about midnight giving us a full nights rest. It was a chilly morning as we got signed up and looked like it was going to rain on us. As I made my way to the start line I found Adam, he had walked the start and found a clean line thru the sagebrush. I lined up just behind him and Robert. As the expert and pro class took off, the amateurs inched forward. We started one minute behind the experts and pros. As the banner dropped I launched out in front, but the lead didn’t last for long because I pulled a rookie move and forgot to turn on my gas! The brief hesitation caused me to drop into the third position as we headed out into the silt filled desert. As the riders in front of me made some mistakes I took the lead and checked out. Charging hard I headed into the dust of the experts. The dust was so thick at times you couldn’t see the trail in front of your tire. My experience racing our Class 7200 race truck along with my height gave me an advantage in the dust. I was able to work my way around what felt like a hundred riders before finally making it into the clear. As the course started to climb up into the hills and get tighter into the trees I started to get passed back by some of the faster guys. I saved my energy during this first lap because I knew that I had to do two more laps of the dust and whoops.
At just about half way thru the course I got lost along with many other riders; a corner marker had been kicked over by a pro trying to fool their competition. We turned around and headed against traffic until we found the course. I got behind some slower traffic again and had to make some interesting passes. The second half of the course had some really big sand whoops along with some huge rocks so you had to constantly be on the lookout. One hit by one of those rocks would end your day in a hurry. At the end of the loop was the “Widow Maker”, a giant sand down hill. It was more intimidating than hard and slowed a lot of the riders down. I stopped at pit one for gas, it took about 20 seconds and I was off.
Making my way into the second loop it started to rain a bit, making it really hard for me to keep my goggles clean. The silt beds were getting worse, some had holes that would suck up your front tire; it was like hitting a brick wall two feet high. As we reached the sand whoops, which were beginning to turn into mountains, I got around a couple riders. The sand between the whoops was a foot deep and would suck up your power making it really hard to keep straight. I was bouncing back and forth across the tops of the whoops from the left to the right. I just kept telling myself “just another mile or two or three then just another lap”. The only reason I made it through this part of the course was because the power I got out of my Carson Motorsports KTM 530. The rest of lap two went flawless; I made no mistakes and made up pretty good time by staying on course and not getting lost. As I came down the widow maker on lap two I was 5th gear pinned wasting no time.
I got to the pit and switched out some goggles, but didn’t wait for number 15 who I had been trailing into the pit to get too far ahead. I soon caught #15 in the single track just outside of the main pit. He wasn’t making any mistakes so passing him was going to be tough, I started yelling and screaming at him but that didn’t work. As we came around a corner I noticed a small clearing so I went for it bar to bar as we narrowed into the single track, this time it was him screaming at me. I made the pass and put some space between us knowing that he will probably pass me in the whoops. I put my head down and focused on my race, as we made it to the whoops I slowed down I just couldn’t handle the pounding they were giving me. It wasn’t long before # 15 went flying by me like a true pro, staying straight and on the tops of the whoops. I just wanted the whoops to be over. As we made it out of the whoops I picked up the pace. I was riding perfect and having a blast! I made no big mistakes on lap three and finished off the loop with energy to do it again. I raced a total of 86 miles in a time of 2:46:40. I was the first amateur across the line and my time was good enough for 16th overall. I would like to thank all that make it possible, my family, God, and the race supporters.

Brad Bolton 723t

Special thanks to:

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The only reason I made it through this part of the course was because the power I got out of my Carson Motorsports KTM 530.

Aesome weapon of choice! What gearing were you running? Glad that you had a safe and well run race!