Bonding Fiberglass to metal???


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This could be a stupid question. . .but bear with me, I'm new to bodywork. . .

Fiberglass can be bonded to sheetmetal bodywork correct?

If so, what is the best way to do this? i.e. what adhesive would you recommend?

I have a '79 F-150 and noone makes any of the louvered and scooped hoods for it, but the louvers and scoops are available separately as an add-on components from several companies. . .I plan on cutting holes in the sheetmetal hood and using a pneumatic flanger to flange the cut out and then bond the fiberglass scoops and louvers to the sheetmetal hood flush, and fill the gaps with filler, sand smooth, and paint. . .

I know that I could rivet them to the hood flush or on top, but I would still be stuck with the rivets and a flush mount without rivet heads would look much better and cleaner.



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rivit / resin / bondo to smooth everything out and over.


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Try looking into Sikaflex- I know a lot of the custom RV builders use it in their construction.


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I have Owned, Operated and performed auto body repairs for 25 years. Go with the 3m or equivalent structural bonding adhesive. I recommend either 3m #8115 or #8214. Very strong stuff! don't even go there with jb weld, resin, bond etc.


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This looks to be the stuff from Sikaflex. . .used in critical marine fiberglass bonding applications so it has to be good stuff!!!

Sikaflex® -292

"Sikaflex®-292 is a one-component, thixotropic, high modulus, structural, polyurethane-based adhesive system. The product is used for a wide range of bonding applications, deck-to-hull bonding and bedding of chainplates, through-hull fittings and toe rails. A high viscous, high strength adhesive, Sikaflex®-292 can replace rivets, screws, welds and other mechanical fasteners in building and repairing boats of all types. This remarkable product is designed for use on a wide variety of marine substrates. It seals and bonds in one step."

I'm also gonna look into the two 3M products you recommended johnnyweb. . .