bonding fibreglass


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does anyone know what would be better to bond 2 peices of fibre glass together. i had car come in today on a hot rod i built that flew open and cracked at the seam where the outer skin and the inner skin are bonded together. i need to put them back together and was wondering if resin would be the best, or maybe an epoxy glue would be better. i have always used resin to make fibreglass , but icannot completely split this door so i cannot get in and sand the 2 peices and add more glass. any help would be great

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I don't under stand why you just don't make the two pieces one, or at the time they were made. when you, if you do it right, bond them togather it is like making a single piece. Not sure of the application space, but here is what I would do if I understand you.

You have basically a door with an outer skin and an inner skin, and they seperated.

And there is not enough room to get at it properly, then it can't be fixed properly.

make sure that the mateing surfaces are clean and well sanded with a rough grit so that the resin can get in there, lat some glass resin mix in the cracked area and where you can to bond the pieces back togather, use the pad where you can tear the fibers off and mix it togather as a paste rather than the sheet, better hold in this application. that should do it If I understand you.

Also you can use a trick similar to welding with a rosette, or plug weld, find some locations on the panles where you can you can drill at least a 1/2" hole on one side, I would use at least 1" but I don't know how much room we got here, any way and then fill it with more resin than glass.

Hope that helps.

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